About Kath Sheridan

I photograph and write from Sauvie Island in Portland, Oregon, but started taking pictures as a ten year-old with a little Brownie Starmite camera, proud to be a kid-member of a family that documented everything in photographs.  In college, I discovered the lure of the darkroom and the thrill of making a black and white print come to life in your own hands.  With the dawn of digital equipment, the possibilities broadened and now I focus on wildlife and landscape images of every hue.

That same kid simultaneously fell in love with all things water and has since taken every opportunity to be in, near, or on it.  When I finally realized a lifelong dream to live at the water’s edge, I started writing “A Sauvie Island Journal” to chronicle the experience.  Having such unique access to the natural world makes photography by land or by boat some of the most satisfying work, no, play I’ve ever had the privilege to be a part of.


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